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    I got this error: “This form instance is currently locked by . Do you want to open it in Read-Only Mode?”

    How do I find out who is locking it? Who is .?



    if the person accessing the form is a perfectforms user (ie they are a user in your account) you will see their name presented.

    What you see here is when the person is ‘not known’. Do you have fields on the form where you require the user to enter their name perhaps to help you see who is in the form ?



    I tried to open up a form instance and its says locked by xxxx but when I checked the users task manager he is out of the PF application and its not running. How can I unlock this record? Thanks.


    A user does not have to be logged into PerfectForms to lock an instance. When an instance is opened, it is locked for use by anyone else. If the instance is not submitted or closed you will have to wait until it times out. The default setting for time out is 30 minutes. You should consider giving users the option to simply close the form rather than submitting it. If an instance is opened and the user simply closes the browser window, the instance will remain open until it times out.

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    Sorry to resurrect an old post but where is the setting to allow users to close a form, preventing the aforementioned Lock scenario?


    You can now clear locked instances: /Documentation/manual/html/?fg_clear_locked_instances.htm



    Very cool… thanks Dennis.

    I see it mentions changing the timeout value in the form’s design… where is that?


    You can find the timeout setting in the form design under Form Properties.



    Ah yes… found it.

    Does that timer start when the form is opened? Naturally I don’t want to set it too low if that’s the case…


    Yes, it starts when the form/instance is opened. The default is 30 minutes. It does not get reset when data is entered.

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