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    In short, once a form I have is submitted, I wish to start a timer with the goal of running that timer for 30 days time. When the timer has reached 30 days total time, I would like for an email to be sent to a certain email address. Is it possible for a timer to continue running after a form has reached the end of it workflow (closed stage), if so for 30 days even? Would it work if the final stage in question were left an intermediate stage as opposed to a closed stage? The idea is to send a reminder to the authority behind the form to check on something after 30 days. If a timer cannot run for 30 days, what is the maximum time it can go for? Finally, I am expecting ~500 submissions a month, so if the timer situation works out, could 500 submitted instances of the form be running the timer at one time or would that tax the usage requirements of perfectforms?


    Please see our help guide regarding how to send a notification after a fixed period of time: /Documentation/manual/html/?notify_command___time_tab.htm.

    Keep in mind that if the notification is on a workflow join path that leads to a stage that is marked as closed you cannot set delayed notifications. Only NOW notifications will send if the next stage is a closed stage.

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    Awesome, thanks Dennis!

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