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    Having trouble this morning migrating data out on one of our forms. I can migrate data out on other forms. Since out data is hosted at PF, is there a way someone can look at this particular report? Thank you.


    I would like to get more detail from you. Are you trying to migrate the instance data from the list of instances in the Forms tab, are you trying to migrate all form instance data using the Migrate button in the Forms tab, or are you trying to migrate from a Data List or Data Grid in a report?

    Are you getting some or not data migrated? What is the error message you are receiving?



    I’m trying to migrate all form instance data using the migrate button. I give the file a name, but never get the file or any error messages. It’s only on one particular form.


    Please create a report for that form and use a data list or data grid with a column for every value you need exported (or just a couple of values to test first). Make sure that you include an export button on the data list/grid. Open the report and click the export button. Does that work?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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