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    Going through the Tutorial and am having a bit of difficulty with:

    Behaviors Tutorial: Purchase Order Request > Require Fields Based on Conditions >

    “7. In the Condition Editor, choose Special. The name of the stage is entered manually as Text. Specify the condition Stage = Approved OR Stage = Rejected”

    Do I choose Special or do I enter Stage = Approved OR Stage = Rejected in the Text field?

    Also the image appears to be of a Bar chart – a screen shot of the Connection Editor would be nice here.



    Thanks for letting us know of the wrong screen shot, will get that over to be sorted out. Also made me notice a few other screen shots are not correct either

    regarding what you want, have a look to this page


    look at section 22 screen shot (they are referring to different stage names but that is what you should be seeing here). having selected ‘special’, then select the Form-Stage and ‘OK’ , then ‘add line’, set the condition to = and then in the TEXT field, type in the name of the stage (approved), then ‘add line’ , set that condition to OR and then repeat to add in ‘Rejected’.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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