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    I have created a Form Connection that I am using to maintain form instance relationships in a manner similar to Parent – Child forms.

    (For the sake of clarity, I will refer to the forms as Parent and Child in this post, though this is not exactly correct.)

    I created an update action for the connection, and I placed it in a loop on the “Parent” Form, so that it will move to the first line of a table, extract the Instance ID of the “Child” from one table field, and update the “Child” with values from other fields within the table. It will then move to the next line, perform the same action for the next “Child” instance, and so-forth.

    When I try to run the behavior I get “Form connection error. System Error: #1”. None of the “Child” forms are updated. Any idea as to why?



    It would suggest that your child form isn’t being found for some reason

    but if you try this on a test parent form where you handle all this from simple TEXT fields (ie take the table object out of the equation initially) to confirm you are finding the correct child form, what does that do for you.

    if still a problem, send over your forms with instructions on how you have set them up and how they work to us in the support ticket and we can see if anything stands out

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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