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    I created a form with a connection update action. On the same form I’ve attempted to create a loop behavior that 1. sets the table at the first record, 2. checks the current row field to be returned to the MySql database table for the correct field content, 3. submits the record, 4. moves to the next record and repeats the process.

    Still, the connection only updates the first record in the database or, (if I make a change in the behavior) all the records with the same data as the first record. Can anyone offer any direction on how to get the form to update the database table with the field data from each record?


    To troubleshoot I would first test your table looping behavior to make sure that it is going to each row and doing its check. Do this by using a Show Message object (value of field in row) before moving to next row.

    If your looping behavior is working correctly (I think that it probably is not)and your SQL table is still not updating, you may have to build a timed pause in the behavior as it moves from row to row to slow it down and give your SQL server a chance to catch up.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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