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    Hello PerfectForms Form Builders!
    Today I would like to discuss a pretty cool plug-in feature PerfectForms offers; integration with Google Spreadsheets. “Integration” itself is a pretty vague word, so I will expand a little on what our offerings include. PerfectForms provides you the ability to pull data, add data, and modify data in any file or sheet on Google Spreadsheets. Having this ability essentially helps those who may need a lightweight database solution without having to utilize extra IT resources. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:
    	• Cloud-based storage
    	• Easy to share data
    	• Easy to secure data
    	• Real-time collaboration
    	• Easily backed up data
    PerfectForms integration with Google Spreadsheets is configured very similarly to our other connections. While configuring, you will notice that the same verbs are provided for Google Spreadsheets as a full blown database connection:
    	• Update  (Change data in an existing column or row)
    	• Insert  (Add new data to a column or row)
    	• Delete  (Delete data from a column or row)
    	• Select  (Pull data from a column or row)
    Setting up the initial connection is not a lengthy process. By following the directions below you will be on your way to getting some Google in your forms with 13 easy steps.
    	1. Log in to PerfectForms
    	2. Click “Connections”
    	3. Click “New”
    	4. Click “Google Spreadsheets Connection”
    	5. Enter your Gmail or Google Apps email in the “User Email” field
    	6. Click "Get Token"
    	7. Login to your Google account on the pop-up
    	8. Click “Allow”
    	9. Save the “Code Token”,” Refresh Token”, and “Access Token” to a document
    	10. Enter the tokens in their corresponding fields on PerfectForms
    	11. Select the file you wish to connect to
    	12. Select the Google Spreadsheet name you wish to build out operations to
    	13. Click “Apply Changes”
    Now that you have everything set up, you can play around with the actions to configure what you will need in your form design. The ability to pull data, add data, and change data on the Google Spreadsheet will also allow you to perform bulk operations that are lightning fast.
    *Pro Tips:
    	• A Google Spreadsheet can be used similarly to a relational database by building out
    	multiple connections to the same file if they are directed at different sheets.
    	• If you configure a single connection, you can use the Google Spreadsheet as a flat
    	• If headings are changed in Google Spreadsheets you will need to update the 
    	connection, and the form to match. 
    If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to post below.
    Thank you all for reading, and Happy Form Building!
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