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    Hi – I believe I already know what your response will be – but here goes anyway.

    I have now been asked by 5 different clients to use the forms I have created for them on the iPad – as Perfect forms renders in Flash, do you have an option available?

    If not, what are your plans – with the rapid growth of this platform I believe it would be unwise to ignore this and leave it up to your competitors to fill the gap?

    I would like to continue to use Perfect Forms – so I am eagerly awaiting your response.



    The next version of PerfectForms due to be released next month will have limited HTML5 capabilities. Those HTML5 abilities will grow in time. I can also recommend the Xoom tablet which does run Flash and on which PerfectForms works very nicely.

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    Hi Dennis – thanks for the response, I look forward to the next version. Unfortunately, my clients have already purchased a range of i-Pads – it is frustrating that Apple have blocked the use of flash – but as I mentioned, their popularity and market penetration means that they can’t be ignored.

    Thanks again.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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