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    Our accounts department has a shared mailbox so that any of a number of users can work on the emails.

    The links from PF notifications sent to the mailbox cannot be accessed by any of those users.

    The error message is something like “You are not the person… “

    We would prefer not to have to send emails to all users via a user group, as this will lead to confusion.

    Any ideas how we can get around this?


    Is the notification being sent to a specific role or user?



    The notification is being sent to a role with a fixed email address (account.payable@…)

    We have tried sending it to a user group, but then everyone in the group receives the email, and there is confusion when more than one individual tries to open the email.


    My guess is that you are using SSO, which identifies the user.




    Yes, we are using SSO.

    Can you think of a way that we can have an authenticated user identified as the user for a shared mailbox?


    No, I cannot. Perhaps someone else on the forum may.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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