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    I was wondering if anyone has experience with how (and if) these forms will work on a mobile platform / smartphone. I tested one on my Droid and it seemed a bit tedious – there’s no way to “tab” from box to box (like a “next” button that opens with my keypad as I’ve seen on other online forms) and the page won’t easily slide for me when in an enlarged view (I have to shrink it back to regular size and then scroll down, then re-enlarge to touch the next field I want to enter info into.) I haven’t tested it with an iPhone at all so I don’t know what that experience would be like. Completing our webforms on a smartphone or tablet computer would be a great alternative to offer our patients so I’d appreciate any feedback from others’ experience.


    Our next release V 2.0 will include limited HTML5 capabilities. Basically it will allow users to respond (approve/deny) to email notifications with a mobile device. PerfectForms requires Flash. If you are designing forms for use on mobile devices that run Flash (I use a Xoom), keep the restrictions of a tablet in mind. Put less on each page and make the check-boxes bigger so that they are easier to use with a touch screen. On a tablet, the user can only scroll through a screen with the scroll bars, and not by sliding their finger down the page.

    We plan to have full HTML5 functionality before the end of the year. However even without the Flash requirement, you will still have to design forms for mobile use differently to accomodate for screen size.

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    Just thought I’d check in on html5 rumors. Now that Adobe has come clean and will develop tools for HTML5, it seems a prerequisite for survival. Google, Apple, & Adobe now backing HTML5…



    I agree – Flash no longer is a valid option, I have multiple clients that now want the processes, forms and surveys that I have created in PerfectForms to work on their i-Pads and I can’t offer them the solution, without starting again from scratch.

    I would like to see some detailed (official) product update information from Perfect forms.




    I also agree – I’ve hard “unconfirmed” rumours about extended HTML5 functionality but as yet nothing offical.. can PerfectForms confirm or give some feedback on what to expect in the next release (2.1)


    We are currently planning the next release of the PerfectForms HTML client side player (V 2.1). V 2.2 will contain the HTML capabilities. With this enhanced capability, Flash will no longer be required on the client to view and interact with forms and applications built with PerfectForms. You will be able to build and deploy HTML forms that are fully capable on iPads, iPhones, other mobile devices and all the browsers we currently support with the Flash player.

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    Just want to understand better about this – will we need to resign all the forms that were built from the previous version(s) of the tool? If “direct convert” is possible, is there any restrictions regarding compatible version? Thanks!


    When V 2.2 is release your form objects will automatically be converted to HTML objects.

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    I have i phone 4 and I use iWebKit, it has many deeper features easily communicable with OS and help to make perfect web forms



    iWebKit is terrific for creating “web” apps, but the holy grail of app … But I have an iPod Touch — not an iPhone to make perfect web


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