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    Hugo Solano

    We are trying to setup a form that updates all of its data to SQL tables. Here is the setup:

    Master Table:

    Primary Key

    Several fields

    Secondary Table 1:

    Primary Key

    Specific field

    Secondary Table 2:

    Primary Key

    Specific field

    The issue here is that all data must be stored in SQL tables. We are using the connection agent and everything is fine. The question is what is the best practice inserting/displaying/maintaining multi-value seconday records.

    We tried form table objects, but the whole SQL insert/update/delete doesn’t work well there. We think a parent-child form relationship may do it. What is the best type of control to use to display/insert/delete records?

    Any help is surely appreciated.



    If I understand your issue correctly, you need to send all of the data in a form table to a SQL DB. You can use table column – all rows in a connection as a send parameter. If that works – great, but it may not be in a very usable format for you.

    Another option is to create a behavior to loop through each row of a table. When you get to the next row you can either use a connection to send the data from that row, or you can put the data into hidden fields to send when you reach the bottom of the table. If you do a connect between each row it may slow your performance. If you use hidden fields it limits the number of rows you can send to SQL by the number of hidden fields you create.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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