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    Hello, I am using a form connection much like method 4 in the parent child example of connecting a parent form to a child form.

    On my main (parent form) I have a page that saves all instances of my survey, again like method 4 were the main page has a orders (parent) page that save a references to each instances of the orders form(child.

    Every thing seems to work except I can not get the orders form(parent) to save each reference to each instance of my survey, all I does is save a reference the last instance of my survey.

    If I test my connection I get a return of all instances of my survey.

    I have tryed and tryed but I can not figure out were my mistake is being made.

    Thanks for any help.



    To get multiple instances of surveys into a single form you will need to use a Table Object on the main form; each row will hold information for a single instance of your survey.

    When setting the properties for the Connect command make sure that you are using the ‘All Rows’ option in the target field.

    Does this help?



    Ian, thanks for the reply, I removed the send parameter which was limiting the return to that parent form instance, now I get all child instances

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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