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    Hello PerfectForms Users!
    Today I would like to simplify some table functionality for you. Do you have a table with multiple pages, and hundreds or thousands of lines? If so, then you know finding a specific line can be a bit of a challenge. To make things easier PerfectForms has provided a functionality that will cure the headache of sifting through all that data in a form!

    By adding the “Set Table Rows Properties” behavior you can use an available Advanced function. The functionality you will want to use after clicking the Advanced radio button is “Filter”. Once you have selected filter you can do anything you like with the input data. The input data on this command is what will be searched for in the table. In order to make this functionality a bit easier to use, you can actually input a wildcard “*”. A wildcard means anything. So if I was looking for anybody with the last name Smith in a column that included first names and last names I would add *Smith*.

    Once the data is returned, the table will eliminate any rows that do not have the *Smith* name in it. You may set what you are looking for from a text field. By using a formula you can actually hide the wildcards by adding the * to the formula, and placing the text field in the middle.

    The sections eliminated are not actually gone, and are only hidden. To return the hidden data you will need to reverse the filter command. Since the * means anything, you can add another filter command that will have just the wild card in it. Once this command is executed, all your hidden rows will be returned to the table.

    By using this functionality, you can make getting the data you need faster, with very few behaviors.
    Thank you for reading, and please feel free to ask any questions below.
    Happy form building!

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