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    API standard for “Application Programming Interface”. It is a way for two isolated systems to talk to one another. Most modern APIs are so-called “Web Services”. A Web Service is an API that resides on a network or the Internet and allows two totally unrelated applications to exchange data and request tasks to be performed. Older API’s would only work if the 2 systems trying to communicate were based on the same technology. Web Services are technology agnostic. =

    The main PerfectForms system API is currently not available for public use although this will change in 2009. However, and more importantly, each PerfectForms Form has its own, dedicated API interface. This Web Service API allows Customers’ programmers to interact with a Form, typically in the following ways.

    * Create a new form instance and populate its field with data

    * Update form data for an existing form instance

    * Query the contents of all form instances for that Form type.

    * Delete form instances.

    * From March 2009, we will be able to also initiate a form’s workflow.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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