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    It is very annoying to have to use a login for each and every piece of software that an employee has to log in to. Single Sign On is an approach that let’s you avoid this by using the domain or network login that everyone uses in many companies as the single place to log in. If you are successfully logged in to the Network then that is enough to get you into any of the other systems that support Single Sign On.

    PerfectForms uses a simple Gateway Page to handle SSO. The Gateway Page is a web page along with supporting functionality that is installed in the customer’s web site. Instead of logging in directly to PerfectForms, users log in through the Gateway Page. This checks the credentials of the User (using Windows Integrated Authentication in the web site) and then routes them on to PerfectForms, bypassing the PerfectForms login screen.

    PerfectForms SSO works as follows :

    * The Gateway Page authenticates the User

    * The User is routed on to PerfectForms with that User’s Authenticated User ID

    * If PerfectForms has seen this User ID before (it is stored in the PerfectForms database) then they can go straight in to the system.

    * If PerfectForms has not seen this user before, then the User will be required to sign up with a PerfectForms Account. Once signed up, the User ID is then stored in the PerfectForms database and will be recorgnized from that point onwards.

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