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    I was having an issue with our PerfectForms On-Premise installation on a VMWare VM becoming unresponsive upon installation of the SSL certificate. I was able to reproduce the issue multiple times, with the same result.

    After trying a number of different things, and researching VM hang issues, I found a Microsoft KB article (// which closely matched the issue I was having. It mentioned certain essential services such as GP Client, DNS, Etc would not start automatically because of a deadlock between Service Control Manager and HTTP.SYS.

    Now for the fix

    Boot Into SafeMode

    Open Registry Editor

    Navigate to HKLMCurrentControlSetServicesHTTP and create the following Multi-string value: DependOnService

    Double click the new DependOnService value that you created

    Enter CRYPTSVC in the Value Data field and click OK

    Reboot Server in normal Mode

    All is now well.

    Environment: Windows 2008 Server R2 (VMWare Guest OS) running IIS 7, PerfectForms 2.0

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