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    Hello PerfectForms Users,
    Today I will be sharing with you about reusing stages. This can help by eliminating the need to set the states and behaviors for an additional stage.

    A stage can be used again if there is not a change in functionality or operation between multiple stages.

    For example:
    If you have a stage that is being used for approval you can reuse that approval stage if an alternate route is “Needs more information”.

    Configuring a form to go back a stage will require clear indicators. Objects with well-defined conditions will be your advocate in this process. Drop downs, numeric amounts, and radio buttons are preferred as they have a clear “value”. Using text or a large list of multiple selections would be complicated as the combinations that could be made are extensive.

    For building out a workflow with additional stages instead of using a previous stage please click the following link:


    To build out a form that can request more information you will want to have an input for the additional information requested. In order to choose which method is best for you a decision must be made on how the information is requested. By placing the requested information in a notification you can avoid showing the request in the form. Once the data requested is updated submitting the form can direct back to the same approval stage the data was requested from. To configure this, create a path back to the stage that occurred before the approval stage. You will want to tie the conditional logic to a radio button group used for approval and add a more information button. In addition you will want to add a text input that becomes mandatory when more information needed is checked. This input will be used for the information being requested. While building your notification add a link to this field in order to ensure your request is relayed. The reason to use radio buttons is because only one can be selected at any given time. If a checkbox is used, multiple selections can be made which can cause issues with routing your workflow.


    A stage should not be re-used is if you would like to change the state of objects upon return. This way only data you would like to allow to change or be viewed will be able. With the method above the more information message can be conveyed easily within the form with less behaviors. A separate stage will allow the more information request to be tied to its own stage and provide a range of other options. In short, if you would like your form to look or act different when more information is selected another stage is recommended.

    Thank you for your time today, if you have any further questions please feel free to post below.
    Happy Form Building!

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