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    Hello PerfectForms Users,
    Today I will be discussing best practice for adding a save function to a form. Adding this feature will allow a user to continue work without losing data or changing the stage. This will relieve time and stress in situations all the answers are not all readily available.

    First thing you will want to do is remove any mandatory checks that are tied directly to objects. Mandatory checking will be done on buttons instead of the by the object. If the object has a mandatory check you will not be able to save as you will not be able to perform a submit action without the fields being required.

    Place a button object on your form to be used as a save button and add the following behaviors to the action, “When button is clicked”:

    -Check Mandatory
    -Set next Stage


    Please follow the diagram above for all stages in your workflow. To make the branches on the multi-branch you will have to enter some advanced conditions. Click the branch, click advanced then click edit and follow the diagram below for all your stages.


    With the “Special” selection, you are able to select stage as an option as well as the various stages in the workflow. Now that the path is configured move to the check mandatory. A check will only be needed if a notification is not tied to a role or the form is in the first stage. The reason to check here would be to ensure a notification can be sent to the person saving. If it is the first stage or the notification is not tied to a role check the field the user will input their email.

    Finally set the “set next stage” command to the current stage the multi branch has in its condition. This configuration will allow the form to be submitted and not proceed down the workflow.

    Now that we have removed the mandatory checks from the objects you will need to check them a differently for a submit action. Drag a button object on the form canvas and call it submit. Open the “when the button is clicked” action and add the following behaviors:

    -Check Mandatory

    You will connect these just as you did for the save; however you will include everything that is mandatory for the stage. Be sure to not include the “Set Next Stage” command or any notifications. This will allow the workflow to proceed as planned and account for mandatory checks for each stage.

    Thank you for your time today, if you have any further questions please feel free to post below.
    Happy Form Building!

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