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    Reporting objects are not available for use in formulas/behaviors. You will have to use a form and a form connection. Populate a hidden table with all jobs for a given date. Filter the table for your first parameter (on schedule), then copy all rows of the relevant column to all rows of a green table. Then do the same for Red and Orange. You can even have the meta links in a hidden column and use a button column that when pressed open the relevant instance (using the meta link).

    in reply to: Adding workflow to close form #7167

    A stage cannot be both default and closed. Your workflow needs at least two stages. The first should be the default stage and the second, a closed stage. There should be a condition to move from one to the other. That way the instance will only move to the closed stage when the condition has been met. That condition can be anything (like a checkbox is checked).

    Please watch our free training video about workflow: /tutorialvideos/workflow/workflow.htm.

    in reply to: table column header, word wrap? #7163

    You make a good case for an enhancement. I have submitted the enhancement request to our development department on behalf of both of you.

    in reply to: multiline cell character limit #7155

    To get the data from a large Multiline text input out of PerfectForms you will need to use the Connection Agent to write to an outside database. Our help guide describes the Connection Agent: /Documentation/manual/html/?lookup_agent.htm. It is a much better method than exporting anyway. You can set it up to write to your DB as part of the workflow of your form so your DB will always be live, and the data/fields you export will be in your schema, not PerfectForms’ schema.


    If you need assistance installing or configuring the Connection Agent, please submit a support inquiry and we will be happy to assist you: /help-center/support-inquiry/.

    in reply to: Move current row of a Table based on another field #7150

    You will still need to loop through the table to find the correct row…

    OK, so now I am confused. I assumed that the drop-down was a static set and you were returning a value in the connection to select a value in the drop-down. You are not trying to dynamically populate the drop-down in the table are you? That is not possible in either Flash or HTML.

    Please create a support inquiry at /help-center/support-inquiry/ and attach your form design. Describe how I can find the behavior in question. I will answer your inquiry and also post my answer here for the forum.

    in reply to: Count all rows in table with Advanced action? #7140

    The Count function set to a table column – All Rows will give you a count of the number of rows. Just use a simple Set Field with a Count function in the formula editor.

    In that case, there should be no concern about using proxy, the communication from the application to the Connection Agent is all on the same machine.

    Flash does not require proxy, but when we developed HTML it required the call to the Connection Agent to come from the application server. If you host PerfectForms On Premise they (application and Connection Agent) can reside on the same machine which removes any issue.

    HTML forces connections to use proxy. That means that the calls to the Connection Agent will be routed through  rather than coming directly from your browser. Make sure that the server hosting your Connection Agent has a public IP address and make sure that you allow our IP addresses through the firewall protecting your server:

    Please add the following IP address to the firewall as trusted IP.



    in reply to: This form instance is currently locked by. #7127

    Yes, it starts when the form/instance is opened. The default is 30 minutes. It does not get reset when data is entered.

    in reply to: Error message has been stored #7122

    Hi Andrew, I don’t know. Please submit a support inquiry /help-center/support-inquiry/ . Please export your form design and attach a copy of the .PF file to the inquiry by clicking the button labeled Attachments. Please describe in detail which button you are clicking to submit. I will review your design for you. Our help guide describes how to export your form design: /Documentation/manual/html/?d_exportingformsandformdata.htm.

    in reply to: Form Instance Backup #7121

    You haven’t deleted the instances, you have simply exported the data. The instances remain.  There are a couple of different ways to create new instances and populate them from data in an outside source. You could use the API: /Documentation/manual/html/?add.htm. Or you could use a connection from the Connection Agent to populate a new instance: /Documentation/manual/html/?d_databaseconnections.htm

    in reply to: This form instance is currently locked by. #7120

    You can find the timeout setting in the form design under Form Properties.

    in reply to: This form instance is currently locked by. #7111

    You can now clear locked instances: /Documentation/manual/html/?fg_clear_locked_instances.htm

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