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Before jumping in to build your first form or workflow application with our online form and workflow designer, we suggest you take some time to fully understand your workflow process. Review each step of the workflow process to identify exactly what data you need to collect, who has to be involved in the process and what specifically should happen at each step along the way. Once complete, it’s much easier to build and design forms and workflow application with clear objectives in mind. Creating an application or form has never been easier than with our online form creator software!



Planning the Process View Video

Reviews the basic steps to plan your process that you should perform prior to building your form or workflow application.

Designing a Form View Video

Covers how to layout your user interface by dragging and dropping objects on a canvas to enable data collection.

Defining Behaviors View Video

Demonstrates how to add intelligence to your forms and workflow applications and how to trigger behaviors, such as calculations, mandatory field checks, question/page skipping, and other conditional actions.

Building the Workflow View Video

Covers how to build a workflow by setting up stages, adding and mapping roles, and setting conditions to drive the entire workflow process.

Adding Notifications View Video

Demonstrates how to set automated notifications, reminders and escalations to automatically alert stakeholders to action needed at specific stages of the workflow process.