Privacy Policy

PerfectForms™ is committed to your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. Any personally identifiable information gathered when you are on the PerfectForms™ Web site or when you use PerfectForms™ services is solely for the purpose of delivering said services or to learn how to improve our products and services for all customers.

We do not sell or rent individuals’ personal data to other companies for any purpose. We will not publicly release any personally identifiable information. Your information is 128-bit encrypted at all times during transmission and storage.

What We Collect And Why


On Our Web Site

While on the PerfectForms™ Web site, we automatically receive and record information related to your origin and experience. Information such as IP address, browser type, search parameters, and on Web site behaviors is used to better understand how and why you came to us for the purpose of getting you to the best solution for your needs and to understand general system needs of our customers.

When You Register

When you register for a PerfectForms™ account we collect the minimum information needed to ensure proper authentication when you log in to your account or to assist in the recovery or resetting of your password in the event it becomes lost or forgotten. This may be as simple as a unique e-mail address.

When You Purchase

Upon purchasing services, PerfectForms™ collects additional information necessary to properly invoice and provide notifications at the end of a contracted term. Such information may include your name, title, phone number, mailing address and company.

If making a payment via credit card, your information is never stored by PerfectForms™. Information needed to process a credit card transaction is encrypted and transmitted immediately. Validation and notification occurs in real time.

When Using Support

When requesting support, information needed to provide a response is collected. We may also use this information as a means to follow up on the incident reported to ensure that it has been satisfactorily resolved or to get additional information to help in improvements to products and services.

When Using the Hosted Application

When using the hosted PerfectForms™ application, data from your session resides on your computer until you transmit. All forms, reports or data captured by forms during workflow processing is encrypted PerfectForms 4 Privacy Policy© 2009 PerfectForms for transmission. All of your information resides on servers in an encrypted, non-readable format and is linked to your PerfectForms™ account and authentication credentials in storage. It may not be accessed or viewed by anyone but those you give access. Our PerfectForms™ servers are U.S.-based.


From time to time PerfectForms™ may invite you to participate in surveys by PerfectForms™ or a designated third party. These surveys are optional. They may include personal information along with questions about your experience with PerfectForms™ services and specific features. They are meant to help us better understand our performance along with the needs of our customers so we can continue improving our products and services. Aggregated results of these surveys may be shared with third parties.

Disclosure of Your Data

On rare occasions, it may be necessary to examine or disclose your raw data. This would only happen under these specified conditions: When we have your consent to access and/or share your information.

  • Your data is suspected to be associated with a disruption to the performance of PerfectForms™ servers or causes server-wide outages.
  • When we are compelled to conform to edicts of the law, to respond to subpoenas, to court orders, or legal processes.
  • When you have violated our EULA for the service you are using or have used.

Children and Privacy

PerfectForms™ does not knowingly solicit personal information from children under the age of 13. PerfectForms™ is not responsible for applications created by the users of PerfectForms™.

Your Consent

By using our Web site and services, you consent to the collection and use of the information you provide as outlined in this Privacy Policy. We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time without notice.

Comments and Suggestions

You may contact us regarding this policy at

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