Training Videos

With the workflow software training videos, you can learn to:

  • Navigate the PerfectForms Dashboard
  • Plan your process
  • Build forms
  • Add workflow rules
  • Add intelligent, dynamic behaviors
  • Set notifications, reminders and escalations in your process
  • Manage access rights for different users at different stages of your process
  • Build reports
  • Create connections
  • Work with tables

After completing the training, you will have all the necessary tools to design, build, test and deploy your applications. If you need any additional assistance, please email us at

Basic Training Topics

Training Video


Provides an overview of the main component, PerfectForms Dashboard, which helps you manage your notifications, form instances and reports based on the privileges of a Basic user

Provides an overview of the main component, PerfectForms Dashboard, which helps you manage your notifications, forms, form instances and reports based on the privileges of a Full user

Covers the basic steps of process planning that you should perform before you get started building your application

Form Layout
(21 min)

Learn how to design, layout, and add unique form objects that enable data collection and decision making

(13 min)

Covers how to build a workflow by logical stages, add and map roles, and establish conditions to drive the workflow process

(13 min)

Demonstrates how to add intelligence to your forms and trigger behaviors, such as calculations, mandatory field checks, question/page skipping, andother conditional actions

(20 min)

Learn how to set notifications, reminders and escalations to alert stakeholders to action needed at specific stages of the workflow

Access Rules
(8 min)

Covers how to set access levels to form objects based on workflow stages and prevent users from changing or viewing specific data or pages depending on assigned roles

(9 min)

Provides an overview of basic reporting capabilities and includes working with pie charts, bar charts, line charts, data tables, data lists, cross tabulations, gauges, and filters

Additional Training Topics

Training Video


Adding Lists
(3 min)

Learn how to how to add your own options for selection lists in the system resource section

Learn how to define an alternative email server to send notifications

(6 min)

Covers the different options in the process of archiving PerfectForms form instances to a secondary database. Archiving is only available when the software is installed on your own servers (On-Premise installations)

Covers the basic steps to import data from an external data-source including selection of a single record by a form user, population of drop-down, list and table objects as well as the option to use a filter to refine data-source searches

Following on from the first connections video, learn how to create Insert, Update and Delete actions and use them in your forms to manage your data-sources

Demonstrates how to use the System Meta Data connection to access User, User-Group and Position lists

Shows how to perform lookups on data collected in other form instances

Covers how to synchronize with LDAP directory service to maintain and update user details

Demonstrates how to export a form, report or connection from PerfectForms for transfer to another system or backup

Shows how to import a new form, report or connection into your account

Covers how to import a form from the library of sample templates

Demonstrates how to import graphics into your asset library and use them in your forms and reports

Covers how to link forms together in a parent-child relationship and how to pass data from the parent into the child form instance

Learn how to apply logic to each individual row of data in a table object

Version Control
(7 min)

Demonstrates how to modify and test your forms without affecting the version currently in use

The Web Signature object allows a user to enter a freehand signature into a form. Ideally suited to touch screen devices using a stylus or finger, the object can also be used on non touch screen devices using a mouse

Many forms can benefit from the use of a formula or a condition. Formulas and conditions can be assigned to form fields, buttons or other objects. This video covers how to specify formulas and conditions

Encrypted Data
(1 min)

Encrypt data for added security. This video shows how to enable this feature

Covers how to setup integration with to read, write, update and delete data through forms and workflow applications

Learn how to read, write, update and delete data from a Google Spreadsheet through forms and workflow applications

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