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PerfectForms™ Help Guide

The Connect and Connect and Search commands under the Integration Commands section can be used to call a connection from the form. Connections allow you to insert data and select or update data using send and/or receive parameters. Connections can be used for:


Background lookups

Popup lookups

Creating a new instance of a different form and passing data into that new instance

Updating data in an existing instance of a different form

Writing to database tables

Calling stored procedures

Passing data from the form to a Web Service


Before you can drop in a Connect command and configure it, you must first set up a connection and a connection action. The exception to this rule is with the System Meta Data connection. For more information on this type of connection see the System Meta Data Connection topic. For more information on setting up connections and using them in your forms, see the Calling the Connection from a Form topic.


NOTE: If you are using a connect command to Insert, Update or Delete data in a database when the form is submitted, it is recommended that you use the behavior event 'Form submitted successfully'. By doing this you can be sure that the data in the form and in the database remain synched.


A scenario that presents a risk and should, therefore, be avoided would be to include the Insert, Update or Delete Connect command just before a Submit Data command, normally on the press of a button.

In this scenario it is possible that the Connect command would update the database successfully but an invalid format in a field (for example Email, URL, Phone, Custom or Date) would prevent the form from being submitted after the successful database update.