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PerfectForms™ Help Guide


Main Section

The Main section contains properties controlling which pages are printed and in what manner as well as summary detail for the command.




Select this radio button to assign all pages in the form to be printed when the Print command runs.




Select this radio button to assign the active page of the form to be printed when the Print command runs.




Select this radio button to assign only the pages selected in the list box below the 'Specific' radio button to be printed when the Print command runs. One or more pages can be selected by holding the CTRL button and clicking on the pages to be included.




[Section Selection]

Select which sections will print when the Print command runs (in addition to the pages specified in the 'Pages' section). Options include:


Complete - Prints the form pages and, if there is an appendix needed, will print a separate page with the entire table.

Form Pages Only (no helper or hidden pages) - Will not print an appendix page.

Complete, But Separated - Will print form pages and appendix pages as separate PDFs.

Appendix Only - Will not print form pages.


Appendix Size

[Appendix Size Selection]

Select the page size for the appendix. Options include:



Print - Letter

Print - Legal

Print - Executive

Print - DIN A4

Print - DIN A5

Print - DIN B4

Print - DIN B4



Specify the width of the printed appendix.




Select inches or other dimension units to help determine  the size of the printed appendix.




Specify the height of the printed appendix.




Specify the resolution of the printed appendix in dots per inch.





Auto-summary refers to the text that will be shown on the command in the Behaviors canvas. By default, this check box is selected.


For commands that use a condition or calculation, Auto-Summary will display the formula selected in the Condition Properties. If no condition exists, nothing will be displayed.


If you wish to have other summary text display, clear the Auto-summary check box and type the custom text in the list box below. Your text will be retained if you later decide to enable Auto-summary.



[Summary Text}

This is where manual summary text can be entered when the Auto-summary option is not turned on.